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Application of slurry pump shaft seal

Application of slurry pump shaft seal


Maintenance frequent, life is too short, easy to wear mechanical seal face, especially in the transport of salt, alkali seminal plasma, Shen calcium slurry and other particles can contain suspended solids can easily damage the seal face and destroy the seal, resulting in leakage , But also high manufacturing costs, life expectancy is also very short, better than the packing seal, but in zero leakage state, the number of days to be reached, the weather is very difficult Packing or mechanical seal and the impeller mixed seal due to the use of pay impeller, Relieve the packing or mechanical seal pressure, so that the sealing effect has improved but the power consumption increases, and in variable conditions that open frequently, dynamic pressure drop under the conditions of frequent changes, the seal is also very easy to damage, and the impact of the use of Effect of the above situation, the axial multi-stage sealing technology. Maintenance-free, zero-leakage continuous operation Life Under the same conditions, it is more than ten times or even several times of the above-mentioned various sealing devices and seal pumps Axial multi-stage sealing device technology Our company developed the axial multi-stage sealing device, Its purpose is to overcome the packing seal, machine seal and the impeller seal mixed defects, as their replacement products, their superiority organically combined to improve, the formation of a new structure with scientific and reasonable, handling maintenance Convenient, leak-free multi-stage sealing in the DL series of centrifugal slurry pump applications. Ensuring that the dynamic potential energy in the buffer zone is not leaked and the auxiliary sealing task is completed, thus ensuring the effect of axial multi-stage sealing. The axial multi-stage seal does not have end-face friction in all the sealing zones. "Therefore, Liquid "applied to the centrifugal pump will not appear sealed liquid into the delivery medium, there is no problem of dilution and contamination of the medium, which is conducive to the use of high-grade pump, as the first two stages of the seal area are generated kinetic energy is to pump exports The direction of transmission, so that you can improve the efficiency of the pump, measured to improve the efficiency of the pump. The sealing device in the operation without additional operation requirements, zero leakage for a long time, as long as the mechanical seal and packing can be used to transform the centrifugal pump, it is to achieve the most critical centrifugal pump upgrade the ideal axial multi-stage seal Of the sealing index, so the axial multi-stage seal sealing index is filled or mechanical seal several times to several times the axial multi-stage seal 67 Series Centrifugal Pump Application In order to meet the needs of the market, to solve the use of units due to the pump Leakage caused by running the problem 2 I use the axial multi-stage seal has developed a highly efficient energy-saving features of the 67-sealed centrifugal slurry pump family, the pump efficiency than the original seal or packing seal centrifugal pump to improve. Above, coupled with the company independently developed semi-enclosed impeller, conveying high temperature or negative pressure under the supernatant particularly prominent effect of its zero-leakage life performance of similar materials are more than 10 times the centrifugal pump, energy-saving features of high efficiency Obviously, the conclusion In conclusion, our self-developed axial multi-stage sealing device cooperates with each other to accomplish the sealing task with its unique three sealing areas. "This scientific sealing structure forms a seal with high reliability, Its service life is more than ten times that of the traditional seal, which realizes the sealing effect of zero leakage. It is applied to the 67 series centrifugal pump. Its compact structure, easy loading and unloading, wide application range, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Sealed water, maintenance-free, low operating costs, the series of interchangeable parts and components.
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